What Is SEO: Learn How To Improve Your Site’s Rankings

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If you are new to SEO, we will tell you what it is and be sure to bookmark this site and we will be your guide to free SEO tips. SEO is Search Engine Optimization which are a series of important actions to make your website
visible to Search Engines who need your site content just as much as you need them to find your site. This will be based on relevant Keywords, Content, Images and Videos of your niche.

If you are just starting out to build your site, then you will build it correctly if you follow some simple steps, the first step is On Page Optimization, meaning that your first page of content, you follow some basic outlines
to achieve On Site Optimization of your new website before the search engines find it.

Rank Your Website

The Search Engines are basically websites that help a person find relevant content when they type into their browser when they are searching for something that they want on the internet, whether it’s a product or information,
you want them to find your site first.

You may hear this from now on, you need to find some great keywords to use for your site, this will make it easier for these Search Engines to find your site and you will start to see your web-pages being ranked. You will start to
move up in Page Rank. Your site will no longer be on the back pages, instead you will be on first few pages as time goes and as your site becomes more popular in these searches that people are doing.

Keyword Search: Ethical Search Engine Optimization

Once you learn this basic steps to building and ranking your site, you will eventually become the local seo expert and use your knowledge to help others and build the popularity of yours site as well. You will also learn that there
are some ethical strategies to SEO with some serious drawbacks that will affect your site which will lead you back to where you started; on the back pages of search engines.

The rules are pretty basic with relevant content, great keywords and trusted links to your site, these have been the rules for a long time and they will probably always be the rules. Google has made efforts to penalize people
who try to game the system and there are many ways to this, but, we won’t be focusing on the black-hat methods because you will only be wasting your time. So, follow the simple steps and strategies that will take your web-page to the number one spot in time, take your time…don’t rush it.What Is SEO

Don’t be tempted by fancy gadgets and tools that promise to get your website ranked in a few days, you end-up in the Sand-box..that would be way in the back pages..the jungles of the Search Engines and you know that nobody goes there.

Making Your Keyword List

Start by making a list of Keywords that best describe your business, write them down as they come up..keep a note pad handy. These are the words that you use everyday to your customers and every time you talk about your business, these are your words. If you are selling crafts, a sample phrase or keyword might be: “We make the best local crafts”, or” Hand-Made Crafts Last A Lifetime”. That is just an example, but you will get it as long as you keep your mind on it, make this Keyword Building List an exercise for the week. Before the week ends, you will have a pretty impressive list of keywords.

You will probably notice that you are stringing a number of words together, these are called keyword phrases, that’s is okay, that is even great because you will have a better chance at ranking your website using what is called Long Tail Keyword Phrases. The shorter phrases are more competitive, if you type in “crafts” in the Google Search, you will get millions of pages of websites that are competing in that keyword. You will still end up in the back pages if you use really competitive search terms and you are competing against the Big Boys and Corporations who have been there for a long time.

what is seo

Now that you have a great list of keywords, it’s time start thinking about writing articles, there are a few ways to this and the best way is to get right down to writing articles about your business. Take a few minutes now, just write a simple article about your business, only you know your business better than anyone else, trust yourself, you can do this…

On the next post, we will concentrate a bit more on writing, or creative writing. On this site, we are asking if website owners want to do a “Guest Post”, we will feature your article and a link back to your website. We will talk about back-links a lot more in another post, back-links are important to your site, but you want good back-links..

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Writing For SEO

As previously mentioned, you need to start off with a good set of keywords, So I hope you have that completed.

Let’s start writing, just off the top of your head, start writing about your business and what services you provide.

Writing For SEO

Think in general terms, it’s a good idea to think in your head of what you always say about your business. Picture yourself standing and talking in front of your customers, everything you are telling them about your business is true and you have very high level of belief in your products and the service you provide to them.

Once you get a few paragraphs, review it and start to insert some keywords that you have selected, see where they would fit without changing the structure of your paragraphs too much. It’s a good idea to select a keyword that would fit naturally into a phrase or paragraph. Does it still make sense and do you still believe that’s what you would be saying to your customers.

Now that you have gone this far, you may have answered the question of “What Is SEO Writing” already, it’s just writing good and fresh content that is relevant to your site and your niche.

Based on this simple writing exercise, you will naturally be excited about writing more.

Just Do It…


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